Created during the 2020 pandemic, Plagues of Egypt reinterprets biblical plagues through a series of still life tableaux photographed in my apartment during lockdown. This work draws upon art history, symbolism, and my own experience growing up in born-again Christianity. We now find ourselves on both the personal and national levels interrogating the existential meaning of disease, plagues, and pandemics. Our desire for certainty is seen in seeking divine explanations, often to the exclusion of scientific ones. But the philosophical problem of evil asserts itself: our collective cultural heritage is shaped by stories of disease as divine punishment, and prayer as salvation. We feel a sense of helplessness in the face of a power that at once proclaims “Let my people go” while also hardening Pharaoh's heart, that unleashes pestilence, darkness, and death of the firstborn as easily as one might arrange objects in a still life.
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